Special solutions

Special solutions

It happens, that a device requires a special solution. In that case engineers design in unique or rare equipment. Afterwards a manufacturer produces such equipment for a long time. But, unfortunately, everything rapidly changes in our world. Factories stop to work, drawings and documentation disappear. In the course of time machines get out of order and consequently require a replacement for some parts. Thus it is necessary to look for unconventional equipment.

To reduce your time for searching suitable devices our specialists design specific solutions for a particular task. Such solutions are: a slip ring for an electric hoist, a special slip ring collector for a suction scraper, a slip ring for a blender of the slurry storage tank.

In the construction of the suction scraper, the slip ring was located in a hard-to-reach place, and often there was impossible to maintain it. In our design the slip ring is located at the top of the construction. Wire rope is designed as a torque arm to which attached the supply cable. Current collecting is produced by bronze rings. It is possible to produce slip rings with a number of poles from 2 up to 9. Rated current 10 or 20 A. Voltage up to 500 V.These offers fully replace conventional solutions and come laden with improvements, which developed our engineers.

Basing on the previous mistakes, the construction of the slip ring for a blender of the slurry storage bank was significantly improved. Corrected the problem of a brush falling from contact rings. Current carrying parts are placed into a case of stainless steel and protected against the physical impact of the environment. An access hatch is provided for the examining of brush conditions. Inputs and outputs of cables are carried out by cable glands. Slip ring mounts directly on the shaft of the blender. It contains four poles with rated current 250 A and voltage up to 400 V.

Another offer from our company is the slip ring for the electric hoists produced by the CJSC
Altaihoist”, Barnaul. This is a three-pole slip ring, with rated current 16 A, rated voltage up to 400 V.

Photo gallery of the slip rings.