Current collectors for conductor rails

Current collectors for the open conductor rails

Our company has designed and launched the third generation of current collectors to supply mobile consumers (for example different types of lifting cranes, electrical load lifting mechanisms, lighting lamps, etc.) – crane’s current collectors.

Rated speed of the current collector – 80 m/min, maximum – 120 m/min. Rated current – 80 A, maximum voltage – 1 kV.

Current collector’s designs:

– from steel St3sp (analogue A284Gr.D) with a powder coating RAL 7032 (color – beige);

– from stainless steel.

Current collectors for enclosed conductor rails

Under the Soviet Union at many plants and factories were installed bridge cranes with enclosed conductor rails. Such method of power supply proved its advantage. But industrial enterprises that produced spare parts for such systems do not work nowadays or reoriented their manufacture to another items. Our company designed an improved product – current collecting trolley 13025375. It is used as a replacement for ShTA-75 (U2328 25 A/380V). Soviet cranes were supplied with it till 1991. Also our enterprise produce current collectors for conductor rails ShTM 70/72/76, ShTA 75/73 (U2211, U1728).

Technical characteristics you may find from our booklet.

Current collector 13025375.

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