Curved enclosed conductor rail

Curved conductor rails are applied in places, where it is necessary to maintain a turning radius. Such examples occur at different factories, workshops, maintenance departments, during supplying with spare parts. To maintain stationary large-scale equipment with an irregular shape it is reasonable to use a single curvilinear I-beam with one electric hoist and thus save on the lifting equipment. As well curved conductor rails are used if an operation way passes around different obstacles like a narrowing of the workshop, previously installed equipment or assembled frameworks.

The turning radius varies from 1000 mm to 3000 mm by segment trolleys and from 800 mm to 6000 mm by a one-piece section.

In the curvilinear systems of conductor rails a continuous copper tape is applied as a current supplying element. A special towing trolley drags copper conductors. Variants with pre-installed conductors are not available.

Such systems require usage of special current collecting trolleys. They contain elastic elements, that allow to pass curved sections of the operation way without difficulties. If needed to be, a current collector might be equipped with four or five current collecting boots.

During the assembly of the curved areas consisted of sections, special adjusting plates are used. These are U-shape elements made with curved side walls to avoid incorrect installation. They are divided into upper and lower. Upper are wider then lower and used as one piece per joint while there are two elements per joint for lower elements.

Single sections do not need special plates and equipped only with supporting brackets.

Due to the multipurpose of section trolleys shipment might be faster in comparison with all-in-one trolleys.

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