Conductor rails

One of the main directions of our company is manufacturing of conductor rails. Such equipment represents a system of current supply to different machines: weight carrying cranes and its units, overhead cranes, electric hoists, movable operation desks, lifting crabs, assembly lines and other mechanisms that have linear and curvilinear motion.

Conductor rails can supply devices with AC/DC and voltages up to 1 kV. Depending on design characteristics they are classified as:

– Conductor rails CR (open crane trolley bars).

– Enclosed conductor rails.

– Curved enclosed conductor rails.

Open conductor rail

Open conductor rail

  • Rated current up to 1 kA.
  • Low price.
  • Possibility to create maintenance areas.
  • Installation on the open platforms under a shed or indoors.
  • Possibility to implement turns.

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Enclosed contuctor rail

Enclosed conductor rail

  • A plastic corrosion-free case
  • Enclosed (for preventing accidental touches) conductor lines.
  • Conductor rails with maximum of 7 poles.
  • Rated current from 35 A to 1000 A.

Installation indoors as well as outdoors.

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Curved enclosed conductor rail

Curved enclosed conductor rail

  • All advantages of the enclosed conductor rail.
  • Power supply of the most hard-to-get-to areas.
  • Turning radius from 800 mm up to 6 m.
  • Continuous copper tape has a role as the current-carrying conductor.

Special current collector trolley for the curved zones.

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Enclosed conductor rail is suitable for power supply to bridge cranes, electric hoists, lifting crabs, ingot bogies and others. Unlike the open conductor rails this system contains a dynamic current collector with brushes and current-conducting buses enclosed in a plastic protective case. The current collector has a mechanical contact with a movable construction, meanwhile it’s transition occurs together with the sliding mechanism, that allows continuously receive power from conductor buses. The design of the enclosed conductor rail allows to protect a person from accidental contacts with current leading elements, in a such way preventing from electric shocks and from intrusions of foreign bodies.Range of application of the open conductor rails is current supply to such mechanisms as bridge, gantry and console cranes, electric hoists, lifting crabs. Open conductor rails for cranes have the next operational concept: on the crane’s bridge are mounted dynamic (sliding) current collectors, that receive current supply from conductor bars and transmit it inside a circuit further into a crane’s electric scheme. Open crane’s conductor rails, which might be designed from ordinary steel, stainless steel or copper and sliding along them current collectors represent an integral current supply system. Material of conductor rails is selected in accordance with environmental conditions to maximise their effectiveness at work.Locations for conductor rails might be walls, concrete and steel columns, crane runway beams. Also trolleys might be attached to a framework along monorails, I-beams, assembly lines. It is possible to see detailed photos of conductor rails and get additional information about our product range on the web-site at

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