Light cable trolleys for the wire rope

Cable trolleys for movement along the wire rope (TTP, TTM, TTL). These types of the cable trolleys are designed for short distances (up to 60 meters) and small number of cables. Cable carriages for the wire rope are used for power supply to: cables and hoses to the electric hoists, cranes, overhead cranes, transfer bogies. Cable trolleys that move along the wire rope differentiate by simple construction and availability at the warehouse.

Catalog of elements         С/с 6kg                    C/c 8kg                      C/c8kg               C/c12.5kg (EPD)

catalog of elements program 81     trolley6kg         trolley8kg         trolley8kg(2)     trolley12.5kg

A use of the light wire rope systems is dictated by economical efficiency. It is much cheaper to buy once the current supply system rather than to buy every year a new cable, which is pricey. The use of the cable trolleys allows to extend the life cycle of the power supply systems by several times thanks to support, fixation and preventing from cable entanglement. Special leads were designed to avoid cable’s overtension. Consequently, in the festoon loop their length is smaller than cable’s.

Cable support wire rope systems are used not only in the general purpose industrial grade, but also for the explosion hazardous environments (gas mixtures or combustible dusts). For such conditions we designed a special solution – ExProof system. The ExProof means Explosion Proof design. Such trolleys equipped with brass rollers, which don’t allow development of sparkles during the contact with steel wire rope. For high-class explosion proof zones might be used trolleys with brass cases.

For rollers might be used different materials. In the cable trolleys the most common material for rollers is black fibre-filled polyamide. It posses all the necessary mechanical properties, such as durability, hardness and weight.

To calculate the quantity of elements we designed our own algorithm. At the bottom of calculation lays down the principle of necessary and sufficient number of components. An example and instructions of calculation are provided in our catalogue of elements, program 81.

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Photos of assembled cable trolleys.