Heavy cable trolleys for the wire rope

Heavy cable trolleys for the cable rope TTM, TTL. Are used as a device for movable attached supply cable. Are used as power supply for electric hoists, crane trolleys etc.

Heavy wire rope overhead systems are used in case if it is necessary to apply such systems but the weight and number of cables are significant. That kind of trolleys can carry the weight of up to 25 kg, hanged on the each trolley of the system.

An indisputable advantage of such cable trolleys is their reliability. Increased carrying capacity, a big roller, a widened cable gap for cables — here is a short list of advantages of the heavy cable trolley series for movements along the wire rope.

If it is required the roller might be galvanised, coloured or ordered in the ExProof design from bronze rolled metal. A wire rope diameter may vary from 10 to 18 mm. Several trolley cases are available for an order. Steel with powder coating are used for general industry conditions and with the bronze rollers in ExProof (explosion proof) zones. Galvanised steel — for aggressive environments. In that case might be applicable the galvanised roller or the bronze roller if it is the ExProof design. For the most aggressive environments are used cases and rollers from stainless steel. Also it is possible to order the heavy cable trolley made of stainless steel case and the bronze roller.

Ordering of the power supply system is simple. You can fill the questionnaire or contact with our specialists.

Photo of the manufactured heavy cable trolley for movement along the wire rope you can here.