Cable trolleys for the I-beam

Cable trolleys for the I-beam (TDM, TDP). These cable trolleys are applied for fast movements and heavier cables. A cable carriage for the I-beam allows movements along curved paths. Carriages for the I-beam is possible to use outdoors as well as in the dust and chemically-aggressive environments.

The main advantage of such systems is an absence of cable sags. A pathway represents an I-beam that withstands much bigger loads, comparing with a flexible wire rope. Trolleys for the I-beam much better move along the profile thanks to the close spacing of rollers with the I-beam flanges. At the eight-roller modification of the cable trolley there are additional side rollers to prevent case wearing and I-beam binding. At the four-roller configuration for these purposes used roller flanges. Thanks to the system weight, which press down rollers with flanges to the pathway, flanges handle their role perfectly. Rollers are equipped with roller bearings, that allow for system to work without binding.

For cable support special holding clamps are used. Thanks to their form, that is chosen in accordance with the minimum bending radius, a cable is keeping its copper component in safety and operates without breakdowns the whole operational lifecycle.

Our product range contains special offers. For gantry cranes developed a special system, that is designed to change standard equipment. Fixed many faults and serious mistakes, done by previous generation of engineers at the stage of cable trolley design for gantry cranes.

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Photos of cable trolleys at the workshop and at work.