Cable trolleys for the C-rail profile

Cable trolleys for the C-rail profile

Power supply of this type is designed for cable support and cable feeding of low-powered consumers, such as electric hoists, transfer bogies, overhead cranes, etc.

At the bottom of this system lays a notion, that a cable trolley will be mostly undamaged, if it will be protected from the outer physical impact. Engineers during their design found the most successful configuration — C-shape profile. It represents a U-section, bended at free sides in the way to provide a roll surface for the cable trolley.

Versatility of such system contains in different fastening types of a current-carrying cable. For small number of slim, and therefore light cables, applied special belts. If used one cable with a diameter from 10 to 25 mm, cable clamp 070133 is applied. It represents a plastic clutch with a metal bracket, that is attached to the cable trolley. While setting from 3 to 5 cables, are in use special cable clamps in which are present several clutches for every single cable.

That system contains a huge variety of components. The whole range might be found in the product catalogue, program 07. As well here is placed information and recommendations for selection and calculation of the number of components.

In the catalogue also provided an example of an element arrangement for a demonstration and usability. All elements are marked.

If you calculated independently, you may order such system from our specialists. To obtain a consultation is always possible by contacting us.

How the manufactured system is looks like you may find in our gallery.