Gravitational (counterweight) reversible cable reels

Product range, offered by OOO “Predprijatie Tokopodvoda i Electroprivoda”, includes cable reels of different types, which includes counter-weight (gravitational) reversible cable reel. All equipment, supplied by our company, meets most stringent requirements of quality and safety.

Counter-weight (gravitational) reversible cable reel provides reliable and safe current supply to different devices, which might move up to 300 metres. The construction of gravitational reversible cable reel contains counterweight, which travels along a special pit. Advantage of the gravitational cable reel is the possibility to adjust counter-weight’s mass for different cable types. Counterweight exerts force, by which carries winding of the supplied cable.

Counter-weight reversible cable reel, due to usability and effectiveness, allows more rationally use working area with minimal financial expenses. Our counter-weight reversible cable reels will assure proper cable protection from wear and rupture, which many times increase its durability.

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