Cable reels

Cable reels provide reliable and sustainable method of power-supply to the enormous variety of electrical systems. Motorised cable reels are used in:

  • Lifting equipment (overhead bridge cranes, gantry cranes, bulk handling cranes, console cranes, elevators, electric hoists, magnetic cranes, etc.)
  • Automobile industry
  • Transportation systems
  • Electrical earthing systems
  • Laboratories
  • Lighting (mechanic shops, service complexes)
  • Workshops, electrical pathways, assembly lines, industrial machines, gates, etc.

Technical overview

Thanks to cable reels, it is possible to extend working area of the electrical equipment, as well as to avoid tangling and damaging of the supply cable and the lifting device. Find out more in the photo gallery of cable reels.

Cable reel consist mainly of a cable drum, a support frame with a hollow shaft and a gear motor, a slip ring and a roller guide. Whereas the slip ring consist of copper contact rings, attached to the revolving hollow shaft, and fixed brush holders with copper-graphite brushes (with which collects current). Supply cable winds on the outer part of the cable drum and unwinds from it by means of gear motor and tension (caused from the side of equipment) respectively.

Моторный кабельный барабан КБМ

Motorised cable reels

  • Increasing cable’s life cycle.
  • Absence of the cable’s friction with ground.
  • Protection against entanglement.
  • Tension control in the cable.
  • Smooth cable supply.
  • Current from 50 A to 5000 A.
  • Multi-level design for slip rings with power and signal poles.
  • German gear-motors.
  • Providing high transitional-speeds.
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Gravitational (counterweight) reversible cable reels

  • There is no dependence on current supply.
  • Constant tension in the cable, absence of sag.
  • Smooth supply and winding.
  • Reliable durable construction.
  • Vast modification options:
  • Current from 50 A to 5 kA;
  • Multi-levelslip rings;
  • Voltage from 220 V to 10 000 V;
  • Control of the cable’s tension by mass changing of the counterweight..
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Spring cable reels

  • Small sizes.
  • Cost effective solution at the short winding distances.
  • Independent from current supply.
  • Smooth winding and unwinding.
  • Small weight.
  • Flange connection.
  • Enclosed spring block.
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Buy cable reels

“Predprijatie Tokopodvoda i Elektroprivoda” (OOO “PTE”) sells cable reels for reasonable price, the major feature of which is excellent European quality. Among advantages of our devices are:

  • High-quality parts – usage of German gear motors and other foreign components.
  • Protection from aggressive environment – special construction allows securingslip rings from dust, dirt and moisture.
  • Durability – we carefully choose reliable bearings, based onheavy-duty operation conditions.
  • Calibration – specially developed gear system allows cable winding with a force, not exceeding permissible.
  • Facility – one-layer winding provides perfect characteristics without interweaving of the cable.

To protect cable from deterioration and rupture during a contact with roughness of a runway, to provide fail-safe current supply and optimise your working area, should be used cable reels. Wide range of their application and quality, which guarantees our company – is a foundation of productive working processes. If you have decided to purchase motorised cable reel, contact us right now, and OOO “PTE” professionals will help to choose the best solution for your company in the shortest time.