Open-frame slip rings

A slip ring represents multi-level design, which consists of: contact rings, insulators, brushes, a connection board, a shaft (that holds the contact rings).

Contact rings are made from bronze, which is the optimal material according to hardness/conductivity properties. Rings have a cylindrical shape with the polished outside surface that comes into contact with the brushes. The slip ring body assembly comes with insulators between the contact rings. Fibreglass polyamide has high insulating qualities and is not subject to corrosion. Another advantage of such material is its wide range of permissible temperatures: from -60 °C to +150 °C.

During the assembly of the open-frame collectors the ring set and insulators are put on the shaft. The special flange is attached to the lower ring and fastened to the shaft by set screws. Then the package is coupled by studs that go through the  whole slip ring assembly.

Our open-frame slip rings are represented in various modifications: rated current from 5 mA to 5000 A and rated voltage from 5 to 10 kV.

Thanks to the output shaft, mounting becomes simple with any rotary body. The inner diameter of the shaft is chosen to freely arrange all cables. A connection with the rings is placed atop on a terminal board. The current collecting is carried out by the brushes, which are directly connected with cables that feed an equipment.